Quince Team Taking Over Former Chiaroscuro


The former Chiaroscuro location. Photo via Google Maps.

Back in 2015, it looked like ~QUINCE~ was going to be taking over the former Barrique, which was just across the street—the Tusks were planning to open a Spanish-inspired and casual spot (Bar Ventresca). That project didn’t pan out, but now an ABC license application shows the Tusks potentially starting a project in the former Chiaroscuro at 550 Washington, just a couple of blocks away from Quince and Cotogna. The name on the transfer is Verjus—we’ll have to wait and see when they are ready to talk about their plans. It’s a space that housed Daniel Patterson’s first restaurant (Elisabeth Daniel) and George Morrone’s Tartare (I’ll never forget the arched ceiling and dramatic soup bowls that looked like a manta ray). The space flanks Hotaling Alley, so let’s hope they get to have some outdoor tables. 550 Washington St. at Montgomery.