Ramen Updates Around Town


Flickr photo of Hapa Ramen from Umamimart.

Thought I’d update you on a few bits of ramen news, since it’s rapidly becoming a hot topic—although it’s not on the scale of pizza (yet). Eater has the news about a new pop-up ramen shop called ~KEN KEN RAMEN~ in Panchita’s No. 3 on Mondays starting at 6pm. The chef is Bushi-tei line cook Kenji Miyazaki, banging out three different styles of ramen: miso, shoyu, and a shiitake-based vegetarian version. The piece mentions you can top it with day-long-soaked eggs or chashu. You can follow them on Twitter. 3115 22nd St. at S. Van Ness.

Also thought you should know the ~NAMU~ lads are now offering 30 orders of their ramen at the Saturday farmers market at the Ferry Building (starting at 10:45am).

And ~HAPA RAMEN~ is going to be making an appearance at Off the Grid in Fort Mason on Friday August 6th, starting at 5pm.