Reopening Report: Sunflower Back in the Mission


The Sunflower sign glows again. Yelp photo by Lily A.

While I was enjoying my sandwich on the beach at Lake Tahoe, I received a text from a bartender with a cold, proudly proclaiming that ~SUNFLOWER AUTHENTIC VIETNAMESE RESTAURANT~ in the Mission had reopened, and he had a delicious bowl of pho in front of him to prove it. Well, Sierra/high-altitude brain got to me and I forgot to write about it in my column last week. (Thanks to Mission Mission for the reminder.) It has the same ownership and cooks—seems like they concentrated on the Potrero location, got it dialed in, and came back. So mysterious. Anyway, you can get your imperial rolls again. 3111 16th St. at Valencia, 415-626-5022.