Ride the Whole Hog at Oliveto


One of last year’s dishes: grilled pork porterhouse with Parmesan sformatino and roasted cauliflower. Photo courtesy Oliveto.

From Tuesday February 19th through Saturday February 23rd (an extra day was just added!), make your way across the bay for some very special whole hog dinners at ~OLIVETO~ (a tradition now in its 14th year). Every night beginning at 5:30pm, chef Jonah Rhodehamel will serve menu items featuring whole-animal preparations inspired by rustic Italian family cooking. You’ll find house-cured prosciutto, boudin noir, spit-roasted leg, and lots of other porky options (the whole pigs they are using include a Mangalitsa from Dinner Bell Farm in Grass Valley, a 500-pounder from Devil’s Gulch, a Mac Magruder Euro boar-Berkshire cross, and a hog from Riverdog Farm). Check out the whole menu here. All of the dishes will be priced à la carte, and reservations can be made by calling 510-547-5356.