Rumor Confirmed: Michael Mina and Ken Tominaga Partnering to Open Pabu and Ramen Market


Sushi at Pabu, Baltimore. Photo via Facebook.

Back in August, 707 scout writer Heather Irwin broke the news that Ken Tominaga of Rohnert Park’s Hana was partnering with Michael Mina on a project in San Francisco (I also had heard the duo was moving into 101 California). The Mina team has stayed mum despite my queries about the gossip for months, but released the story to the Scoop last week.

Coming in spring 2014 will be the second location of ~PABU~ and the launch of ~RAMEN MARKET~, both into 101 California (a Platinum LEED-certified green building with a glass and atrium area focused on plants). There’s 10,000 square feet to work with, so there will be plenty of room. Pabu is the modern izakaya concept the duo launched at the Four Seasons in Baltimore—this iteration will include a sushi bar (with local seafood and fish sourced via Japan’s Tsukiji Market), izakaya dishes, a robata grill, shabu-shabu, noodle, and soup dishes. Look for premium and super-premium sakes, Japanese beers, and boutique wines. Japanese whisky will feature prominently in the cocktail program.

Ramen Market will be open all day (breakfast through dinner), with the busy Financial District customer in mind (who can do takeout or dine-in). Breakfast will include coffee and tea from LA’s Lamill Coffee, and the ramen menu will allow guests to choose from five different kinds or make their own bowl, selecting from five or six broths, proteins like duck confit, plus a variety of vegetables (there will also be gluten-free Japanese sweet potato noodles and low-carb vegetable noodles). Many of the greens, vegetables, and herbs will be grown in the residents’ garden (remember, there’s that atrium). There will also be a retail market, selling teas and other items. 101 California at Front.