Rumor Mill Churning on Who Is Taking Over the Pesce Space


The bar at Pesce. Photo: Dana Eastland. ©

With the closure of the ~PESCE~ location after a couple of years in the Castro this past weekend (ciao, sgroppino!), some rumors are percolating about what is going to open in its place (it has that coveted liquor license, you see).

One rumor making the rounds is Yoshi Tome of Sausalito’s venerable ~SUSHI RAN~ is opening a casual concept there. We reached out to the Sushi Ran team and heard this back: “Thanks for your interest, but it’s just a rumor. Will be happy to keep you in the loop if anything else comes up, but nothing yet.” It could very well be just a rumor, but you quite possibly will be hearing more from us on this soon. 2223 Market St. at Sanchez.