Sad News: Dottie's True Blue for Sale


Dottie’s back dining room. Photo courtesy Dottie’s.

We had heard rumors that ~DOTTIE’S TRUE BLUE CAFE~ might be for sale, and now Scoop has confirmed it. Owner Kurt Abney says that after 22 years in business, he is, quite simply, tired. According to the ad, the restaurant does approximately 350 covers a day, and Abney is the sole owner. The restaurant moved in 2012 to a new location on 6th Street, from a smaller space in the Tenderloin, and the lease is listed at $12,360 with 16 years left on it. Right now, the restaurant is listed as an asset sale, but Abney says he is open to selling the name and menu to an interested buyer for the right price. Once the sale goes through, Abney says he may reappear in a smaller capacity elsewhere, or perhaps he’ll enjoy some (well-deserved) time off. 28 6th St. at Stevenson, 415-885-2767.