Saison About to Become an 18-Seat Restaurant


In the kitchen at Saison. Photo: ©

~SAISON~ is tinkering with its format, and as of November 29th, the team will adjust the dining room from 42 seats to 18, and offer only one seating per evening. The menu will be 12 courses, with pairings by sommelier Mark Bright ($198, including wine pairings). Chef Joshua Skenes wants to allow for more diner interaction and the opportunity to learn about the ingredients, concepts, and more behind each dish.

The chef’s counter (with capacity for only four diners) will continue to be available, with 16-plus courses and exceptional wine pairings (and at $498 per seat—all inclusive—it seems exceptional will have to be the name of the game). You AMEX Black card-carrying types can reserve and prepay for a chef counter seat here.