Sebo in Hayes Valley Is Changing Up Their Menu (and Taking Reservations)


Hmmm, are these nigiri now retired? Photo by Blair Sneddon Photography.

~SEBO~ in Hayes Valley has made some big changes to their menu: there will now be 7-10 small cooked dishes, but not as casual as the Sunday izakaya dishes. New items include chawan mushi ($8), a savory steamed custard with scallop, fluke, and sea urchin; aji ichiyaboshi ($12), cured and grilled horse mackerel fillet; and nishin soba ($12), house-cured herring over soba soup noodles. Look for dishes to rotate every two weeks. With the addition of these dishes, there will be a 30% reduction of sushi on the menu.

The other piece of big news: after five years, Sebo is now going to take reservations through Urbanspoon’s Rezbook. A portion of the dining room will be reserved for walk-ins, and the sushi counter will always be for walk-ins only. Look for the reservations system to launch very soon; I’ll keep ya posted on Twitter.