Short "Freshening Up" Closure for A16, Starting September 7th

On September 7th, ~A16~ will be closing until the week of September 20th for a face lift (the exact reopening date remains to be known—I’ll keep you posted). They will specifically be targeting noise and ventilation issues, plus renovating the bathrooms, revamping the bar with a new marble bar top, and adding some additional banquette seating in the back corner as the office moves upstairs.

But before that all happens, the restaurant will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of A16 Tokyo, from Friday September 3rd to Monday September 6th. A16 will offer the following Japanese-inspired à la carte menu specials, along with their regular menu:

Albacore crudo with shiso (perilla) and pickled plums
Tonnarelli with squid braised in its own ink, cherry tomatoes, and basil
Yakitori (spiedino) with chicken, lamb, and pork meatballs
Melon kakigori (granita) with ginger crema and saffron shortbread

Buon appetito and kanpai!