Shut (Bistro Unique, Daimaru) and Opening (Tamashisoul, Chinese Cuisine)


Taking over Bistro Unique: Tamashisoul Sushi Bar.

A couple of closures and subsequent openings around town. First up to bat: ~BISTRO UNIQUE~ has closed in Cow Hollow, and my neighborhood tipster sent along this photo announcing it will become ~TAMASHISOUL SUSHI BAR~. Word on the street is the chef was at Sudachi, but let’s just say my hilarious (actually, not hilarious, more rude to be honest) ESL call with a rep at Sudachi didn’t exactly yield confirmation on that piece of info. Anyway, the plan is to open in July. We’ll see if any more info pops up that doesn’t involve having to call Sudachi ever again. 1849 Union St. at Octavia.

I did a double take driving by ~DAIMARU SUSHI~ on 16th Street, which is now called ~CHINESE CUISINE~, serving, you guessed it, Chinese food. I called and was able to ascertain that it’s the same owner. You can check out the menu here. 290 Sanchez St. at 16th St., 415-863-9128.

And now, in the “random, why not?” news department: Tipster Jason B. let me know the ~HONEYBAKED HAM STORE~ on Geary has closed. I have always wondered who goes there. I mean, really, how many hams do you buy in a year? Now we’ll just wonder what’s going in next at that busy corner; stand by. 2190 Geary Blvd. at Divisadero.

Oh, and since we’re at it, ~URBAN CURRY~ in North Beach appears to be under new ownership. 523 Broadway at Kearny, 415-677-9743.