Smooth Move


Flickr photo from Westcoast Weezie.

This has good idea written all over it: on Sunday November 7th, ~18 REASONS~ is hosting The Smoothie Revolution, a brunch workshop with Vera Churilov and Aaron Drury. Here’s more: “Whether you want to detox, build muscle, or improve your skin glow, green smoothies may be the right choice for you. They pack lots of nutrition, can be eaten on-the-go or enjoyed slowly over the morning paper, and are delicious to boot! Come learn how to make the most of seasonal vegetables and fruits in healthy, green smoothies that integrate protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals in one drink. By walking you through the steps for creating your own creative and satisfying recipes, this hands-on class will get you re-thinking your bagel and cream cheese or fortified cereal breakfast.”

“Vera Churilov is a holistic health counselor and educator who runs Nourish the Spirit, a healthy living website. She helps people transition to a more sustainable, plant-based diet. Her background includes working for the Meatless Monday Campaign, sustainable brands like TCHO, and five-star vegetarian restaurants like Roxanne’s. Vera will be joined by smoothie aficionado Aaron Drury who has a knack for creative blending of plant-based ingredients into surprising and delicious shakes. Aaron is a massage therapist and freelance editor who works on the Bay Area’s KQED Check Please show.” 11am-1pm, $15 for 18 Reasons members; $20 for the general public (includes a smoothie brunch). Tickets here.