SO Many New Openings in the East Bay, and More News


“Old-school” pad Thai with head-on/shell-on shrimp from Monterey Fish Market and Hodo Soy tofu at Funky Elephant. Instagram photo via @funky.elephant.

Gang, whoa, the 510 is en fuego right now with new openings. So many places I want to visit! To be honest, I wish I had the time to recap all these openings from the past two weeks, but I don’t, and I have some carpal tunnel flaring up with all this writing, so I’m going to give you some quick teasers and you just click through to what you’d like to read more about. Which will probably be everything. :)

There’s a new Thai place in Berkeley’s Gilman district from a former chef de cuisine at Hawker Fare in San Francisco serving Thai comfort food with housemade ingredients (like their green curry): ~FUNKY ELEPHANT~. [Via EBX.]

There’s another Thai place that just opened in North Oakand, ~BIRD & BUFFALO~, a fast-casual place from the owners of Soi 4 Bangkok in Rockridge and Basil Thai and Basil Canteen in SF. [Via EBX.]

Chef Tu David Phu is “launching Chef’s Hawker Centre, a nationwide pop-up series celebrating Asian ingredients, techniques, and culture in collaboration with Cochon555” and Feastly, starting this month. (Let’s hope they get some ladies in that lineup.) [Via EBX.]

Oh hai, here are some ladies. ~OESTE BAR & KITCHEN~ has opened in Old Oakland from Sandra Davis, Lea Redmond, and Anna Villalobos (read more backstory on them here), featuring a daytime café, cocktails, nighttime vibes, dishes like chicken and sausage gumbo and a burger, and an upcoming rooftop deck. [Via EBX.]

And, I am quite sure y’all saw this already about Charlie Hallowell (Pizzaiolo, Boot and Shoe Service, Penrose) stepping away from his restaurants after 17 female former employees came forward with allegations of sexual harassment, abuse, and misconduct. Like the Four Barrel/Jeremy Tooker allegations, it brings up a lot of complicated questions (like “Is Hallowell still benefiting from his company? Yes? If not, is it okay to show support to his employees by dining there?”). There is some dialogue about this on an Instagram post from Ordinaire Wine, which is no longer offering Boot and Shoe pizzas at their shop.