Some Updates in the World of Sweets


The Lemon Drop. Photo by Andrew Scivani.

First, some good news: Elizabeth Falkner (working with Lexi Barry) has totally revamped the dessert menu at the ~BUBBLE LOUNGE~, and will be doing it going forward. And yes, it’s designed to be Champagne friendly. The Lemon Drop features lemon curd, yogurt, blueberry compote, muesli crunch, and Champagne granita, while the Dark Chocolate Pain Perdu is served over chocolate sauce, with citrus caramel and pink peppercorn chantilly. The new menu launches June 15th. 714 Montgomery St. at Washington, 415-434-4204.

In the “bummer news” department, a tablehopper reader reports ~BITTERSWEET—THE CHOCOLATE CAFE~ at 2123 Fillmore Street has permanently shuttered its doors. The Danville and Rockridge locations remain open.