Special Five-Course Baja Dinner at Don Pisto's


The michelada and house salsa at Don Pisto’s.

Jealous of your friends currently on vacation in Sexico? (I know about three people who are south of the border, and am trying to not begrudge them their tans during this cold-ass week we’ve had.) Anyway, no matter, because ~DON PISTO’S~ is bringing the Baja to you in a special five-course dinner on Monday January 17th. The menu is inspired by what you’d find in Baja California, with dishes like Puerto Nuevo siete mares (seafood stew made from lobster stock and a wide variety of fish and shellfish), and taco stand quail (heavily spiced and grilled over charcoal). Owner Pete Mrabe says, “I will be using higher-end and more exotic ingredients than I usually would. It’s a dinner for an adventurous eater.” Considering the guy slow poaches lobster in pig fat, I’d say you’re in good hands. $45, inclusive of food, tax, and tip. Drinks are separate, and wine pairings are available. Reservations only, call 415-395-0939.

Event Info

Monday Jan 17, 2011