Stanlee Gatti and Bill Grzywacz Opening a Food Market in the TenderNob


A sneak peek at the facade of the future market—such a sweet little building. Photo courtesy of Stanlee Gatti.

Consider this an exciting hors d’oeuvre for you: event planner extraordinaire Stanlee Gatti is going to be fulfilling a lifelong dream of his, one he’s had since he was a little boy in New Mexico selling breads and pastries at a little DIY stand (just like a lemonade stand). He’s going to be opening a food market in the TenderNob with BFF Bill Grzywacz, and they are targeting an opening by the early part of the summer.

It’s a sweet “little jewel” of a 1,000-square-foot building, which was once a car garage and then got covered up in materials during its most recent existence as a dry cleaner. We have a little preliminary peek behind the plywood for you here, check out the blonde brick.

The concept (and name) are still in development, but you can expect the market to be filled with items that meet Gatti’s criteria as delicious and what he’d consider the best—but he also says he wants it to be accessible and affordable too, and they want it to be a go-to spot for the neighborhood. Expect some fresh items, like milk or eggs, plus pantry items, wine and beer, and some seasonal prepared foods too—they are installing a full kitchen. Some of Gatti’s close chef friends, like Michael Tusk, Alice Waters, Cecilia Chiang, Charles Phan, and wine goddess Shelley Lindgren are contributing some suggestions and ideas about what to stock.

Right now Gatti is off to Paris, Barcelona, and San Sebastian for some additional inspiration—I’m inspired just thinking about those places. I’ll keep you posted as the project takes shape in coming months. 927 Post St. at Hyde.