State Bird Expanding Into Hapa's Originally Intended Location on Fillmore


The space next door to State Bird Provisions. Photo: ©

Back in October 2012, I heard things weren’t going as planned for Richie Nakano’s ~HAPA~ location, which was supposed to open next to ~STATE BIRD PROVISIONS~ at 1527 Fillmore. I’ve been checking in for months for status reports, and kept my word to not mention the location was no longer a go. I guess Nakano forgot his promise to “absolutely let [me] know,” since the Scoop mentioned Hapa is due to open in a larger space on Mission Street (although the actual location has yet to be revealed since it still needs to go through a change of use).

It’s all good news for State Bird’s Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski, who will be taking over Hapa’s 900-square-foot space and adding 12 seats (look for two large tables that will seat six to eight), plus a waiting area, a heater, a second bathroom, and plans to now be open nightly. State Bird will close after service on August 10th for construction, which is expected to last for a few weeks or so. As for progress on The Progress, their next project at 1525 Fillmore, stand by.