Sugar High Begins Now: Tartine Cookies and Cream Opens


Concord grape and fior di latte soft-serve at Tartine Cookies and Cream. Photo via Instagram.

After plying us with all things bread and baked at ~TARTINE MANUFACTORY~, now it’s time to release the ice cream and more with Liz Prueitt’s Tartine Cookies and Cream. It has a separate counter in the Manufactory where you can order.

A highlight is the soft-serve action coming off the top-of-the-line Italian Carpigiani machines, made with local water buffalo milk blended with Jersey cow milk (from Double 8 Dairy), and it’s eggless. The opening flavors are fior di latte, Askinosie dark chocolate ice cream, Ethiopian Yukro-infused coffee ice cream (of course featuring coffee from Coffee Manufactory), and Concord grape sorbet. $3.50 for a small cup, $5 for a medium cup (includes one topping), and $5.75 for a cone (includes one topping). Toppings include pistachio streusel, salty caramel, and more (75 cents each).

And the gluten-intolerant will be happy to see there’s even a blue corn cone, and the ice cream piecrusts are wheat-free as well. About those ice cream pies: right now you can get rocky road, peanut butter and jelly, and lemon ginger ($16/small, $40/large). There are also ice cream sandwiches: the current flavor is ginger-spice fior di latte ($5 each).

Look for more things to be added in time, from dairy-free ice cream to popsicles and more. (Via Inside Scoop.) Hours are daily 11am-5pm for now. 595 Alabama St. at 18th St.