Join Carrotmob in Supporting Sustainable Sushi


Fish at Yuubi. Photo from Facebook.

Tired of all the mid-level sushi restaurants in this town selling unsustainable seafood? Yeah, me too, which is why this is pretty cool: Carrotmob is working with ~YUUBI JAPANESE RESTAURANT~ to demonstrate that sustainable seafood is important to local consumers. Here’s the deal: Yuubi is interested in sustainable seafood, but they aren’t sure that consumers will pay more for it. So Carrotmob has stepped in and, for the next three weeks, the restaurant wil be serving sustainable fish.

You can purchase a $30 voucher through Carrotmob in the next three weeks, and use it anytime you like. For every voucher purchased, 40 percent will go toward helping Yuubi develop a more ocean-friendly kitchen. The hope is that consumers will use their money to show that sustainable options really matter. (There’s also something about $1.00 sakes if you like Yuubi’s Facebook page.) You can read more information about the campaign, and help support a local business in the process! 501 Balboa St. at 6th Ave., 415-386-2011.