Sushi An Now Open in the Former Ino from Koo's Kiyoshi Hayakawa


Ayumi and Kiyoshi Hayakawa at the entrance of their new place, Sushi An. Photo via Facebook.

We reported that former Koo owner and sushi chef Kiyoshi Hayakawa appeared to be opening a project in the Ino location in Japantown based on ABC license activity, and now we can confirm that’s the case thanks to this follow-up post on Chowhound. ~SUSHI AN~ is open as of last week, with Kiyoshi’s wife Ayumi running the front of house.

The Edomae-style menu offers omakase for $80, 12 pieces of omakase nigiri for $75, and a menu of 7 courses of nigiri and kanpyo maki (made with a calabash) for $50. There are individual nigiri selections, and obviously whatever is in season (both locally and at Tsukiji) will be featured. There’s also a catch of the day menu, with a mix of cold and hot selections.

According to the website, An means “a modest cottage where in old times monks and artists rest and spend a peaceful time being isolated from the rest of the world.” They want to create a cozy place that will make their guests feel relaxed and like they are hidden away “somewhere in old downtown Tokyo that makes you right at home no matter where you come from.” This is one counter I can’t wait to visit soon. Beer and sake are available, plus a few wines. Open Tue-Thu 5:30pm-10pm and Fri-Sat 5:30pm-10:30pm. Japan Center East Mall, Upper Level, 22 Peace Plaza #510, 415-292-4886.