Switcheroos and Sequels: Wooly Pig Cafe Moving, Powder Opening a Second Shop


The Big Easy at Powder, with Vietnamese coffee snow, toasted almonds, chocolate sauce, and sweet milk glaze. Photo: © tablehopper.com.

I received word from a tablehopper subscriber that the Inner Sunset’s ~WOOLY PIG CAFE~ was closing, and Eater shared the news that it’s actually relocating, but to Dogpatch. Sorry, Sunset residents. Dogpatch folks will soon learn to love the Wooly Pig sandwich (with Shanghai-style braised caramel pork belly with fried shallots), banh mi, and other sandwiches, plus beer and wine. Look for an opening in May in the former Dogpatch Cafe space. 2295 3rd St. at 20th St.

Congrats to Mimi Hanley and David Chung, the founders of ~POWDER~, the charming and California-inspired shaved snow shop on Divisadero. They are opening a second location in early April at Mission Bay’s Spark Social SF. You will be able to get their flavors such as black sesame, horchata, Mexican chocolate, matcha green tea, strawberry, and my favorite: Vietnamese coffee. And toppings! It will be open Mon-Fri 5pm-9pm, Sat 11am-9pm, and Sun 11am-5pm. 601 Mission Bay Blvd. North at 4th St.