Tablehopping at the SF Street Food Festival


Delfina’s “fagiolini al cinese.”

I knew the right way I needed to do the ~SF STREET FOOD FESTIVAL~: ride my bike down there early, and go with at least a couple hungry friends. But I ended up having to do the exact opposite: I had to drive my car because I was running car-necessary errands that day, I showed up late in the day, and was flying solo. Plus, I could only find a parking meter space, so I had a little over an hour to power through. But trust, I made some serious headway. There were a lot of people, a lot of lines, a lot of delicious food (some places had sold out, but there was still quite a bit to try), and a lot of dazed-looking but happy chefs and kitchen crews.

Negatives: there was sadly a ton of garbage, challenging event flow against the lines of people, and what was up with people bringing dogs to this event? I also thought some vendors were missing the point of street food (uh, food I can eat with my hands please!). Anyway, kudos to La Cocina for pulling off such a big and delicious and unique event.

Here’s a mini photo album of my “hour of power.” All I can say is Delfina’s beans blew my mind, and Aziza should open a fried chicken place. Delfina should also open a meatball sub shop.