Tartine Bakery's Upcoming Project Gets a Name: The Manufactory


The 18th and Alabama corner of the Heath Ceramics building. Photo by Dana Eastland. © tablehopper.com.

Last April, we reported on the big, exciting, new project coming from Tartine Bakery in the Heath Ceramics building. Obviously, some time has passed, giving the team time to shape their ideas and now this piece in 7x7 has new details to share, starting with the reveal of the project’s name: ~THE MANUFACTORY~. The current targeted opening date is summer, and it will continue to have what we first mentioned: an all-day café, a restaurant, and bakery, plus space for culinary projects and visiting chefs.

New details about the restaurant portion include the hiring of a chef, Sam Goinsalvos, previously at Il Buco Alimentari in New York and The Ordinary in Charleston. I was also happy to read Vinny Eng will be assembling the natural wine program. The space will be designed by LA-based design firm, Commune.

Additional things to look forward to: Elisabeth Prueitt will be making ice cream, and returning to making preserves and pickles too.

Now, to the bread. The bakery production area will be visible, featuring both a mill and custom Heuft oven from Germany, and there will be a wood-burning oven as well (pizzas are imminent). Since The Manufactory will be taking on all the bread baking, acting like a commissary, it means Tartine Bakery will discontinue making bread on-site. The overextended space will be closing to renovate and make some changes to its layout, from adding a new chocolate room to reconfiguring the café space. 7x7 also mentions the overall bread output should double in size. Country loaves for all!

The article also mentions Tartine’s upcoming projects in Tokyo, London, and potentially New York, so take a look. Expect even more details on everything in coming months. Corner of 18th St. and Alabama.