Tartine Taking Over Four Barrel/Standard Roofing Location in Inner Sunset


The former Standard Roofing Co. is completely gutted, and Tartine is moving in. Photo via tablehopper reader Paul G.

A tablehopper reader has been sending me pics and exciting news from the Inner Sunset: Tartine is taking over the former Standard Roofing Co. on 9th Avenue, where Four Barrel Coffee was planning to open a project a few years ago. After speaking with Tartine’s PR, they can’t confirm their exact plans at this time, or if there’s even a beer-and-wine license planned for the location, but any kind of opening would be next year (2019). But that location right next to Golden Gate Park makes me have visions of some very special picnic fixings.

When Hoodline wrote about the Four Barrel plans three years ago, they mentioned the 3,875-square-foot property had “exposed unfinished beams, a large skylight, and concrete floors,” but seeing how it has been completely gutted, we’ll just have to wait and see what the build-out plans are. Meanwhile, they are plenty busy opening Manufactory locations in Los Angeles and SFO. 1226 9th Ave. at Lincoln.