Taste and Learn at the Pasta Shop's Festival of California Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The number of olive oils out there can be a bit mind boggling, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just hop on over to The Pasta Shop on Saturday June 4th from 12pm-3pm, and join their third annual ~FESTIVAL OF CALIFORNIA EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL~ for an informative afternoon of olive oil tastings, pairings, cooking demos, and discussion.

The event will highlight California’s most recent harvest, that of 2010, with at least 12 producers from around the state demonstrating the styles, varieties, and flavor profiles now available, from the fruity and mild Arbequina, to the robust, pungent, and peppery Tuscan blends. Participating olive oil producers include Bari Olive Oil, Bozzano Olive Ranch, Calivirgin, Corto, Colline di Santa Cruz, Katz & Co., Lucero, McEvoy Ranch, Olivina, Pacific Sun Farms, Robbins Family Farm, and Talcott. Sample their oils alone and in recipes that show how the flavor profiles directly change the taste of the finished recipes.

Be sure to check out The Ice Cream and Olive Oil Bar on the patio, offering a variety of combinations, such as vanilla gelato with a robust olive oil and topped with sea salt. And, you’ll get to sample The Pasta Shop’s own signature olive oil brownies, olive oil cake, and challah.

From 1pm-1:30pm, satisfy your intellectual palate: Albert Katz of Katz & Co will speak on the history of olive oil in America, and the recent UC Davis Olive Center research on adulterated olive oil in the marketplace will be discussed, followed by Q&A.

Stick around for a demo on cooking with extra virgin olive oil from 2pm-2:30pm with Pasta Shop executive chef Scott Miller. Yup, not only can you fry with it, you can poach, confit, and sauté with extra virgin olive oil. Coinciding with this event, next-door neighbor Café Rouge will offer special menu items featuring California extra virgin olive oils.