TBD Restaurant (from the AQ Team) Now Open in Mid-Market


The entry table at TBD. Photo: Nathan Ziebell.


TBD’s dining area (on the main floor). Photo: Nathan Ziebell.

After a short delay, the latest Mid-Market/SoMa project from the AQ duo (Matt Semmelhack and chef Mark Liberman) is now open as of this evening. Introducing ~TBD RESTAURANT~, a 50-seat restaurant with a menu focused on open-fire grilling, smoking, rotisserie, and hearth-baking methods for both meats and vegetables. Unlike Korean barbecue, they will handle it all for you, so no worries. You can check out the menu, which also includes some raw selections too (items range from $6-$24). And yes, there are s’mores (otherwise there would be a riot).

The look is full of nods to camping (inspired by the primal cooking methods), from the wool blankets to the red lanterns, plus there’s a lot of wood and taxidermy to add to the feeling of the great outdoors, minus the mosquitos and spiders. The dining tables each have their own drawer with your silverware and napkins inside (no word if it’s bear-proof). There’s a lounge and bar area in the front, with seating on the main floor and the mezzanine above; solo diners can find seats at the communal table and kitchen counter.

Since there isn’t full liquor, bar manager Tim Zohn has assembled more than 20 beers on tap, and there’s also a very clever list of low-alcohol cocktails (Alcademics did a fun preview), plus a bunch of sherries and of course plenty of wines curated by Kristen Capella (with a focus on Rhône varieties).

Dinner Mon-Thu 5pm-10pm and Fri-Sat 5pm-11:30pm for now, with lunch, midday snacks, and a late-night menu coming in early 2014. 1077 Mission St. at 7th St., 415-431-1826.