The Chairman Opens a Restaurant in the Tenderloin


Baked and steamed pork belly buns from The Chairman. Photo courtesy of The Chairman’s Facebook page.

Fans of the pork belly-filled buns from ~THE CHAIRMAN~ truck will be happy to know there’s a new brick-and-mortar location that just opened in the Tenderloin. Not only can you get the usual bao selections, but Scoop mentions there will be some new bao (like Japanese curry beef) and that you can opt for rice bowls instead of the buns (like a braised short rib bowl with fennel slaw, soy mushrooms, panchan carrots and cucumbers, fried egg, and tempura flakes for $12 plus $2 for an egg). You’ll also find chicken wings with yuzu kosho, a noodle salad, and some housemade fruit sodas. It’s meant to be a quick and casual bite, with just 15 counter seats. Hours are 11am-9pm. 670 Larkin St. at Ellis, 415-813-8800