The Gooey Dispatch: Cheesemonger Invitational, Petaluma's Artisan Cheese Festival


Goat cheese samples from Vermont Creamery. Photo by Bay Milin courtesy Cheesemonger Invitational.

So you love cheese. Duh. Want to watch cheesemongers from all over the country compete on their cheese knowledge and cutting technique? (The desirable kind of cheese cutting, however—not the kind your kid brother does.) Then check out the ~2014 CHEESEMONGER INVITATIONAL~ on Sunday January 19th from 5pm-8pm at Public Works in the Mission. You can watch cheesemongers compete at the Cheese Throwdown, plus sample tons of cheese including offerings from Cowgirl Creamery, Cypress Grove, the Cellars at Jasper Hill, and a variety of imported cheeses from Switzerland, Germany, and France. Get there from 5pm-6pm for the cheese-pairing bites (there will be 3,500 bites in all)! You’ll also find cheesy popcorn, grilled cheese sandwiches from Grilled Cheez Guy, and fondue. Free raffles will offer lots of cheese-related prizes, like books and platters from Rainbow Grocery and Bi-Rite Market. Tickets are $60 per person, and include all the cheese you can eat and entry to the throwdown. A cash bar will keep you going too. 131 Erie St. at South Van Ness.

The cheesiness just won’t quit: get your tickets now for the ~8TH ANNUAL CALIFORNIA’S ARTISAN CHEESE FESTIVAL~ in Petaluma at the Sheraton Sonoma County from Friday March 21st-Sunday March 23rd. The festival includes a variety of events, including an opportunity to meet the participating cheesemakers, cooking demonstrations, and lots of tastings. Take a look at the full schedule of events right here. Ticket prices range from $35-$115, and you can snag them here. 745 Baywood Dr. at Marina, Petaluma.