The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle Swaps Some of the Globe's Best Chefs


The exterior of Manresa (the restaurant awaits a very special guest chef on July 9th). Photo by Nick Vasilopoulos.

On Thursday July 9th, 37 of the world’s most famous chefs will be participating in The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle. What is that, you ask? Well, it’s a global dinner party taking place at restaurants throughout the world. Each of the 37 participating chefs will be assigned a secret location and will prepare dinner at another chef’s restaurant, but no one will know until the night of the dinner who is where. In fact, the mystery will be slowly revealed, as the eight-course dinner unfolds.

Local participating restaurants are ~COI~, ~ATELIER CRENN~, and ~MANRESA~. Daniel Patterson, Dominique Crenn, and David Kinch will be somewhere else, and one of the other chefs will take over their restaurants for the evening. So who might end up locally? Well, participating chefs include Sean Brock, René Redzepi, Massimo Bottura, and Inaki Aizpitarte, so it’s a pretty safe gamble that you’ll have an amazing meal. Tickets are selling fast, but there are still a few available. Prices vary (and are listed in euros), but range from approximately $278 to $317.