The Impending Return of Julius' Castle


The castle on the hill. Photo via

Wow, can you believe that after five years of laying dormant, that someone is restoring ~JULIUS’ CASTLE~ on Telegraph Hill? I know! I also can’t believe the damn thing caught fire last week—thank God a neighbor quickly noticed the fire on the roof and the damage isn’t too significant.

The SFGate piece reports the new owner is Paul Scott, a resident of Telegraph Hill, who wants to restore the place to its former glory. I know, it isn’t some tech guy who wants to convert it into the ultimate playpen. I’m thrilled to hear this historic location (since 1922!) is gonna get another run out on the track—that bar was fabulous (and a favorite of my grandfather’s). You can read more about its history here. Stand by for updates as they come in. 1541 Montgomery St.