The Name of Adriano Paganini's Project in Medjool Revealed: Lolinda


Photo from Medjool website.

I’ve been waiting around for word of what Adriano Paganini (Beretta, Delarosa, Super Duper, Starbelly) was going to be calling his upcoming Latin project in the former Medjool location, and leave it to a Craigslist want ad to inform me: ~LOLINDA~. The ad also shares this about the concept: “simple and sustainable cooking with a Latin-fired twist. Bearing influences from Argentina, Spain, and regions of South America, Lolinda highlights a commanding wood-fired grill, a thoughtful selection of from-small-to-not-so-small steaks, and an abundant offering of appetizers and share plates that embraces the whole-animal consciousness prevalent in San Francisco’s culinary world.”

Dinner will be served nightly; stand by for details on timing and more. Last I heard from the team, the plan was to open late summer/early August. It’s a big space, 9,000 square feet in all, with 250 seats in the dining room and 150 on the rooftop terrace. The bar program is in the works but expect a South American influence with a solid stock of piscos, plus tequilas and whiskeys. 2522 Mission St. at 21st Street.