The Patio Space Will Finally Reopen, 15 Years Later, As Hamburger Mary's


Will The Patio sign light back up? It has been off since 1999. Yelp photo by Dan B.

No, this isn’t a joke, a prank, nor is it April 1st. Clear the cobwebs and mop away the dust, because the long-closed (we’re talking 15 YEARS, people) Patio space in the Castro will finally reopen, and ~HAMBURGER MARY’S~ has been approved to open in that location and hold live entertainment, an integral part of each franchise location. Hey, Mary! The plan is to open after Labor Day, and the live entertainment will include drag performances, DJs, and Mary-Oke Karaoke.

You can read more about the permit hurdles (Hamburger Mary’s had to get an exemption since it’s considered formula retail) and ways they will address any noise concerns (live entertainment can only go until 1:30am) in this post on Hoodline—both of these issues were part of the recent delays, but when Les Natali is the landlord, it’s always something. 531 Castro St. at 18th St.