The PENTHOUSE Club & Steakhouse Opens March 15th


Menu cover image courtesy of Penthouse SF’s tumblr.

There are way too many opportunities for me to make crude jokes here, so I’m going to bite my tongue and sit on my hands and just present the facts: opening on Thursday March 15th in North Beach is ~THE PENTHOUSE CLUB & STEAKHOUSE~. Yes, there will be GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, plus a 20-foot video wall, two stages, two levels of seating (including the “Make It Rain” section, not sure I want to inquire more about that one), and this is what is kind of blowing my mind: the largest Champagne display in Northern California (now, what kinds of Champagnes are in that display is another matter entirely). The press release mentions steaks and reserve wines, but that’s about all we know for now. The club will be open for lunch and dinner. 412 Broadway at Montgomery, 415-391-2800.