The Return of Charles Chocolates!


Chuck Siegel; photo from Facebook.

Yup, it’s true: you’ll be able to get your favorite peanut butterflies and chocolate-covered nuts again, and hopefully soon! After following up on a tip (thanks readers!), I got in touch with ~CHARLES CHOCOLATES~ founder Chuck Siegel, who told me he was able to buy his business back! The company suddenly closed when a former investor foreclosed and forced the company into bankruptcy—but a couple months later, the investor’s attorney said, “Make us an offer,” and Siegel was able to buy the assets back. Unfortunately he lost his lease on his kitchen, so now he’s currently searching for a space big enough that is suitable for food production, and ideally in San Francisco (although he is also scouting in the 510). A lot of his original crew would like to return and work for him, so here’s hoping he finds a space before the holidays get any closer (if anyone has any leads, he’d love to know). You can follow Charles Chocolates on Twitter for updates.