The Very Sad Closure of Soul Food Farm


The happy chickens at Soul Food Farm. Photo from Facebook.

This is some very sad news: ~SOUL FOOD FARM~, home of some of the best chickens (and eggs) around, has announced their plans to close. This is particularly devastating news after Alexis and Eric Koefoed worked so hard to come back from a fire in 2009, but they have cited other reasons for the closure, including the almost impossible cost of farming in an ethical way. In a letter to CSA subscribers, Alexis talks about how difficult it has been to face the rising cost of feed and other expenses, and how passing those costs onto consumers puts their product farther out of the reach of all but the wealthiest shoppers. Rather than go this route, they have decided to close.

If they are not forced to sell the farm, they may come back in the future, but whether or not that will be possible is unclear at this time. Their Facebook page will remain online, as a forum for fans and friends to share photographs and memories. Our thoughts go out to Alexis, Eric, and their family, and we wish them all the very best for the future.