This Week: Banh Mi Giveaway at E&O Kitchen and Bar


Selections from the new E&Go lunch menu. Photo: Lib Curlee, for E&O Kitchen and Bar.

There are two wonderful words people love to hear in succession: free food. (Ditto “tax return” and “open bar.”) In honor of ~E&O KITCHEN AND BAR~’s new to-go lunches (called E&Go), they’re giving away 100 chicken banh mi (for free!) this Wednesday, starting at 11:30am. And here’s the bonus round: if you tag your pic #EandGo, one lucky person is going to win a free E&Go lunch every week for the rest of the year. Sweet!

As for the new to-go program, chef Sharon Nahm’s menu includes five different mains, all $12, like the aforementioned chicken banh mi, as well as yam noodles with grilled market vegetables, and Chinese chicken salad. You can add prawns for $6, or their amazing deviled eggs or two cookies for $3. Available Mon-Fri 11:30am-3pm. Food is ready within five minutes, because we know you’re so busy. 314 Sutter St. at Grant, 415-693-0303.