This Week in Brunch: Get Some at ABV, Chica


The Dunmore Cobbler cocktail at ABV’s brunch. Photo by Melissa Chow.


Breakfast sandwich at ABV. Photo by Melissa Chow.


Avocado toast at ABV. Photo by Melissa Chow.

Mission bar ~ABV~ is now offering weekend brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 3pm. They’ve been trying the new menu out, and now it’s ready for some action. Their wild breakfast sandwich deserves some attention, which involves a gougère, breakfast sausage, egg, and cheddar Mornay sauce, mon Dieu. There’s also chicken karaage with cheddar chive biscuits and chicken butter, and their pimento cheeseburger makes an appearance too. Of course there are brunch cocktails, as well as cold-brew coffee and fresh fruit juice. Take a gander at the whole menu here. Note that brunch is served 11am-3pm, so the regular/daytime menu has been pushed back an hour to 3pm—but there’s plenty on the brunch menu to keep you happy.

Chicana-style pop-up ~CHICA~ is popping up at ~CEASE & DESIST~ on Sundays from 10:30am to 4pm. This bottomless brunch is “Chicana style,” which means a blend of Mexican and Californian culinary styles. Think dishes like cochinita pibil hash with fried eggs, or baked eggs over polenta in a smoky tomato sauce with cotija cheese. The menu changes every week, and you can get bottomless mimosas, cocktails, and more to go with your brunch. Register here for drink specials, discounts, and the menu. 2331 Mission St. at 19th St., 415-906-5571.