Three Chef Hires and Departures in the Mission

Over at ~MISSION BEACH CAFE~, chef Ron Silverberg had to unfortunately attend to a family matter in Pennsylvania, and had to leave the restaurant. Owner Bill Clarke is welcoming back chef Thomas Martinez, who started this week and is working on creating his own menu with his team; Thomas left in 2009 to pursue farming up in the Healdsburg area with Timothy Holt (Weird Fish) at Roshambo Farms and some freelance chef gigs. One more thing to note: starting on Tuesday May 31st, MBC will be re-launching their annual “BBQ Tuesdays” menu. Stand by!

Based on this posting on Craigslist, it appears ~LUNA PARK~ is looking for a new executive chef; Ronnie New is leaving in two weeks, and will be working as a line cook at Contigo, and picking up shifts at Living Room Events/Kitchenette. 694 Valencia St. at 18th St., 415-553-8584.

And over at ~NOMBE~, chef Vincent Schofield has departed, and owner Mari Takahashi is now serving as executive chef. She has brought on chef de cuisine Pierre Mangé (Zero Zero, SPQR, Contigo)—I mean, come on, with a last name like that, of course she had to hire him.