Ti Couz Seems to Be Struggling...


Yelp photo by Heather W.

Some buzz about troubles at Mission neighborhood fixture ~TI COUZ~: a reader writes, “I am a little sad to report that it sounds like Ti Couz (16th & Valencia) seems to be having hard times. I was there last night when the owner (seemingly plastered) was screaming at customers and telling them that they are the reason that the place is being sold after 19 years of business.” The reader also reports, “They downgraded their liquor license from hard alcohol to beer and wine, as well as now charging customers $1.50 for bread.”

Meanwhile, at the same time, Eater “got a note over the EaterWire bemoaning the loss of bloody Marys” and placed a call to the restaurant. It’s supposedly “all part of a master plan to ‘go back to their roots’ in Brittany” and it will “officially become a cider bar, serving beer, wine and hard cider only.” Eater also linked to an almost impossible-to-read post (you have to highlight it to see it) by owner Sylvie Le Mer last September, citing difficulties maintaining the locally owned business during such a challenging economy. Calls to the restaurant were unsuccessful; time will tell how this one shakes out. 3108 16th St. at Valencia, 415-252-7373.