Tidbits: Estela's Sandwich Shop Now Open in Lower Haight, King of Thai No Longer Royal, Maneelap Srimongkoun Opens


The exterior of Estela’s, before the fire. Yelp photo by Sarah B.

It looks like famed Lower Haight sandwich joint ~ESTELA’S~ has joined Three Twins Ice Cream in rising from the ashes. Haighteration reports that Estela’s reopened Monday January 20th, after closing due to a fire in September 2011. They’ve opened a location in Nob Hill in the meantime, but always planned to return to their original location. Fans of their fresh sandwiches (including many vegetarians) will be very happy to hear they are back in biz! Hours are Mon-Thu 7am-5pm and Fri-Sat 7am-4pm. Congratulations! 250 Fillmore St. at Haight, 415-553-6068.

The Richmond Blog caught a (royal) mystery at ~KING OF THAI NOODLE~ on Clement. Apparently, both restaurants in the Inner Richmond have had the “King” scrubbed from their signage and now read simply “Thai Noodle.” No word on what happened to the “King,” but some speculating on Chowhound suggests that perhaps there is an issue with so many King of Thai places around town. We’re thinking maybe they’ve been renamed as the less-glamorous “Midlevel-Lord-by-Marriage of Thai.” 639 Clement at 8th Ave., 415-752-5198; and 346 Clement at 5th Ave., 415-831-9953.

Chowhounder soupçon reports that there is a new Laotian spot in the Excelsior, ~MANEELAP SRIMONGKOUN~. The new spot is family-run by two sisters-in-law, and Full Noodle Frontity has some in-depth information on the menu offerings. Hours are daily 11am-3pm and 5pm-10pm, and delivery is available within a two-mile radius. 4995 Mission St. at Italy, 415-347-7755.

Here’s another food truck pod: ~G FOOD LOUNGE~ in SoMa is now open, including at breakfast, with a variety of food trucks on their schedule. The space offers seating at tables and couches for more than 100 people, and beer and wine will be added soon. The food trucks in attendance will vary; take a look at each day’s schedule here. Hours are Mon-Fri 7am-9pm. 431 2nd St. at Stillman, 415-894-9686.

And now for a little CUESA news: executive director Dave Stockdale has decided to leave the organization after nine years. His last day will be February 5th; a search committee helmed by board vice president Cathy Curtis will look for a replacement. In the meantime, director of operations Dexter Carmichael will serve as interim director.