Tidbits: Grinders Pizzeria, Indochine, Golden Era Returns, Spinnerie


The interior of Indochine. Yelp photo by Minji W.

The Richmond Blog caught the news on a new pizza place in the Inner Richmond, called ~GRINDERS PIZZERIA~, and it looks like it’s now open, according to Yelp. It comes from the husband-and-wife team of Joe Irick and Amanda Petrowski (Irick used to write a column on pizza for the Chicago Tribune), and they are offering both Chicago-style deep dish and a “California thin crust.” The toppings are definitely unique, especially on the thin crust, with specials including a “crab Rangoon” with cream cheese, crab, scallion, wonton crisps, and sweet and sour sauce. The deep-dish choices are a bit more classic, with a meat combo and Hawaiian. They’ve also got grinder sandwiches, salads, sides, and a massive chocolate cookie for dessert. Oh, and they deliver anywhere in the Richmond. 448 Balboa St. at 6th Ave., 415-933-6700.

We’ve been trying to get information on ~INDOCHINE~ for a while, and it sounds like they opened over the holiday weekend, according to a tweet. It’s in the former Mariachi space on Valencia, next to Sunflower (which remains closed, by the way), and has a menu of pan-Asian vegan dishes. The menu includes Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese dishes like bibimbap, wonton soup, and clay pot—all of it vegan. There are also Americanized choices, like teriyaki and “fish” and chips. Hours are Mon-Thu 11am-9:30pm, Fri-Sun 11am-10pm. 508 Valencia St. at 16th St., 415-701-0700.

Apparently, it’s a good week to be a vegan! Or even just someone taking a break between Thanksgiving and the holidays. Anyway, it looks like ~GOLDEN ERA~ has reopened in their new location after closing last year. They are still in the Tenderloin, and the menu includes vegan Vietnamese dishes including clay pot, noodles, and rice plates. Yelpers report that the space has gotten an upgrade, as well. 395 Golden Gate Ave. at Larkin, 415-673-3136.

Way back, more than two years ago, we wrote about a new project from the Lefty O’Doul’s team moving onto Polk Street. Well, it’s opening in a week, and the name is ~SPINNERIE~. It appears to be a fast-casual spot, with a focus on meats cooked in the rotisserie with international flavors, and their website states they “are changing the way the world eats chicken.” Okay then. The menu lists wraps, salads, sides, and different protein types, including salmon, tofu, and two flavors of that chicken (Mediterranean and piri piri, if you were wondering). They’ve got a beer and wine license, as well. 1401 Polk St. at Pine.