Tidbits: KitTea is Funded, Dol Ho on a Break


Kitty loves tea. And Coca-Cola. And your lap. Photo: Dana Eastland. © tablehopper.com.

Meow! Remember when we told you about cat café ~KITTEA~ in January? Well, their crowdfunding campaign has succeeded in surpassing their $50,000 goal. Apparently there are a lot of cat lovers out there who wanted to see the project happen (not surprising)! Can’t wait to share more information about this one as it gets closer.

Intrepid Chowhounder Melanie Wong reports that Chinatown’s ~DOL HO~ is closed for a break. According to a sign on the door, they’ll reopen on April 28th. 808 Pacific Ave. at Stockton, 415-392-2828.