Up in Smoke: Da 'Pitt Closes, and Hutong Flips Back to Betelnut


The former Brother-in-Laws/Da’ Pitt. Yelp photo by Bill B.

Over the weekend, Haighteration announced ~DA ‘PITT~ on Divis was shut down and is sporting an eviction notice. While I appreciate the legacy and importance of the location itself, Da ‘Pitt was completely da pits. When it was Brother-in-Laws, I would heed the siren song of the smoky pit more than I should have (I have been watching the smoke billow from my desk window for many years—I live just a couple of blocks away). But that was a long while ago—no one has been doing good things to meats in there since. Here’s hoping one of our local barbecuing badasses can keep that pit fired up, because it’s one of the few we have in the city, and the smoke is an integral part to the particular perfume of the Divisadero corridor. (Along with some other smoky smells from that parking lot.) 705 Divisadero St. at Grove, 415-440-7427.

The Real Restaurants group has decided to axe the Hutong concept, flip it, and reverse it (Missy style) back to ~BETELNUT~. Nothing like a two-star review from Bauer to have you eighty-six an entire concept just one day later. “Uh, never mind! We were just huffing Sichuan peppercorns, we didn’t really think this one through.” There are so many things to say about the whole head-scratching situation, but sometimes it’s better to just keep your mouth shut. Anyway, I love chef Alex Ong’s food, so I’ll sit tight for the next incarnation of his menu (and the spray paint coming off the awning).