Update on Tony Gemignani's Capos in North Beach


Pizza master Tony Gemignani. Photo from Facebook.

Details from Tony Gemignani’s PR team about his upcoming ~CAPOS~ have been sparse, but leave it to Gianni Mola of North Beach to uncover some news and share it on his blog. He mentions: “A beautiful custom-built wood Art Deco bar is in place on the left just inside the front door and red leather banquettes sensually line the opposite wall in the dining area. … A while ago I noticed a wood-burning beehive pizza oven in the open kitchen.” Gianni also mentioned “Chicago deep dish and stuffed pizza” and that “pasta dishes will be baked and steaks roasted on a rack in the beehive to impart a smokey [sic] flavor.” The oven, however, isn’t actually a beehive oven; it just looks similar, but it is made in Naples. Am so looking forward to trying Tony’s version of a Chicago deep-dish pizza—and it sounds like it’s going to be soon. 641 Vallejo St. at Columbus.