Update on Tres (Formerly Tres Agaves)


Photo from Facebook.

Quick update for you: ~TRES AGAVES~ has finished their zippy remodel, and will now be ~TRES~. The bar area is almost 50% bigger, along with an expanded tequila and cocktail list, and chef Kelvin Ott is adding dishes from other states in Mexico outside of Jalisco (which used to be the primary focus for the food).

There’s also a shift in ownership: two of the original partners in the operation—Eric Rubin and Barry Augus—have left in order to concentrate more fully on the Tres Agaves tequila line. Dave Stanton, who started the original Tres Agaves with Rubin and Augus, remains a managing partner. 130 Townsend St. at 3rd St., 415-227-0500.