Very Tragic News About a Cook at Serpentine


Cesar Chuc. Photo courtesy Mission Mission.

Despite the elating Giants news this week, it has been shadowed by a very upsetting loss within the San Francisco food community.

Last week, as many have heard, there was a large brawl at 16th Street and Valencia. Caesar Chuc, a cook at Serpentine in Dogpatch, was taken to the hospital after the fight, which co-workers suspect may have resulted from an attempted robbery. Tragically, after some time on life support, Chuc passed away at SF General. Very little is known about the particulars of this incident at this time; anyone with any details about the incident can and should call the SFPD tip line at 415-575-4444.

Chuc was working at Serpentine as a cook to support his wife and four children in Mexico. He was known at the restaurant as a supportive gentleman and rather legendary cook. Mission Mission has some words from Eric Ehler, his co-worker a Serpentine, including this: “Caesar was a family member to everyone who worked at Serpentine, and a friend to dozens of other cooks and restaurant workers in the City. Serpentine ran, because of Caesar.”

There isn’t very much to say in the face of such a devastating loss, but our thoughts are with his family and friends through this unspeakably difficult time.