Why Some Landlords Suck: Exhibit C (Le Cheval and Cyrus)


Photo from Cyrus website.

Every month I hear nightmare landlord stories. Huh, this month is no different. Oakland residents were upset to learn Vietnamese standby ~LE CHEVAL~ on Clay Street has closed its downtown location (it’s been there since 1985) due to failed landlord lease negotiations (here’s more from Eater). The semi-good news: the update also mentions the family “will open a wine bar and restaurant called LCX down the street in the next week. Some of the cooks at Le Cheval will be able to stay on and work there.” The Berkeley and Walnut Creek locations remain untouched.

Meanwhile, up in Healdsburg, can you believe the new landlords/owners of the Les Mars Hotel (Bill Foley and David Fink) are messing with ~CYRUS~? Really? Hopefully this rent-eviction kerfuffle gets sorted out quickly. Update: Scoop reports Foley and Fink claim they were not trying to evict Cyrus, and the rent thing is all sorted. (My eyebrow is cocked on that one.)