Year of the Wabbit Treats


Peking duck scones; photo by DeLise.

Chinese New Year is this Thursday February 3rd, and Dennis and Eloise Leung of ~DELISE~ are making their famous Peking duck scones to celebrate. The scone is made with roasted duck, both skin and meat, plus green onion and hoisin. After they hand pick the meat from the duck, they use the bones to infuse the cream, which goes into the scone. They then make a hoisin glaze, and add a sprinkle of sesame seeds on top. I know, WHOA. They are also making a mandarin orange/pomelo bar, which both symbolize wealth and fortune—it’s basically a twist on the classic lemon bar. And they are also making a “sesame ball” French macaron filled with red bean (the sesame ball is a traditional dessert for Chinese New Year because its golden color resembles gold coins). The specials start this Thursday. 327 Bay St. at Powell, 415-399-9694.