Yon Davis of Yats Taking Over Annie's Bistro


Photo from Yelp user David G.

So first, a little backstory. Yon Davis, the former operator of Yats’ New Orleans Original Po Boys at Jack’s Club, has been doing lunch service at Annie’s Bistro for the past five weeks. He has been operating under the name Creole Soups and Such until his new location in Bayview at 4800 3rd Street opens (which is now looking like July). His rotating menu at Annie’s has included dishes like gumbo, Pacific snapper stew, and etouffée, and now he’s offering his popular shrimp and catfish po’boys, available Thursday through Saturday from 11am-3pm. This week’s menu includes candied pecan salad; yam and crab bisque; Gulf shrimp meunière; rustic gumbo; red beans, rice and sausage; pastalaya; yam and crab bisque; and on Saturday only, soft shell crabs with tasso hollandaise (whoa).

In the what’s new department, starting this week, Davis is now going to be offering a few of his lunchtime dishes for dinner from Wednesday through Saturday from 6pm-9pm. I found it a little interesting that he was going to be in the kitchen in the evenings as well, and it ends up he is slowly taking over Annie’s Bistro—it will be his full-time operation in the beginning of April (the name is still TBD). There will also be some wines specifically paired with his dishes, starting this week. Welcome to the neighborhood. 2819 California St. at Divisadero, 415-922-9669.