You Can Now Drink Up at Straw, Brenda's, and Bistro SF Grill


Straw’s fried chicken-n-waffle Monte Cristo. Photo from Yelp’s Kelly S.

A few new beer and wine licenses that have been issued around town are sure to make diners happy: over at ~BRENDA’S FRENCH SOUL FOOD~, it means you’ll be able to have mimosas with your Hangtown fry, and at ~BISTRO SF GRILL~, you can have a glass of sangiovese with one of their tasty burgers.

But over at ~STRAW~, they bumped things even more, approaching Mark Bright (Saison) to do their wine list. Bright paired up a roussane or Plungerhead zinfandel with the infamous Ringmaster (yes, the cheeseburger in a doughnut), a riesling or syrah with the fried chicken-n-waffle Monte Cristo, and a rosé or malbec with the Bearded Lady, a pulled pork sandwich with blackberry coulis, chipotle BBQ, and citrus slaw. Co-owner Ari Feingold mentioned he really wanted to be able to offer some choice wines with Straw’s reasonably priced food, giving diners the opportunity to have a nice bistro-like dinner for less than $25.